Simba lying on the bed.
Simba 2002
At first we were afraid he would not make it; he was so small and hardly moved at all. He was covered in fleas and mud and looked pitiful. A weekend of good care and good food did wonders however: the little kitten began to walk around and actually started to play.
Simba sleeping on the microwave.
Simba is a quiet, gentle cat that loves to roam around through the neighborhood. He is very attached to us and will let no other human near him. He hardly ever makes any sound, unless you give him milk: then he makes this high pitched mew, meaning he is very exited.
Simba is a very nice cat.
Simba at diner time
Simba at diner time
Simba, december 2001
Simba and Dingo at diner time
Simba and Ronald, 1995
Simba 1995
He was to be our third addition. Simba was not "picked" or "chosen" or "bought": He was rescued.
Ronald found him one day at a client's site. A tiny little kitten, nearly starved to death. He called home and asked Laura if he could take it home. Laura did not mind -on the contrary- and Simba was brought in. This was in May 1995.
April 2003
Simba loves to be stroked and has a beautiful full coat, almost like a Norwegian forest cat. We sometimes call him Garbage Can, because he will eat almost anything
When we decided he was not going to die, we took him to the vet for the usual shots. Although he was small for his age due to undernourishment, the vet thought he could turn out to be a beautiful tomcat. He was right. We called the kitten "Simba", which means "lion" in African, because he really fought for his life. 


Date of birth May 10 1995
Sex Male
Name Simba
Nicknames Simmetje, Simpers, Simplex, Simpie
Peculiarities hardly makes a sound, has an unerring sense of time and knows exactly when he has to come in, does not tolerate other people than us.