After three litters we really wanted to keep a kitten for ourselves. We preferred a female. But Donna's litters were always filled with males. Until the litter of augustus 2003, when Donna surprised us with a litter of three daughters. We were extatic. Three girls! Now we could take our pick! To our amazement all three turned out to be seal points, there was not a tabby in sight. The ladies (Niki, Tara and Coco) were hard to tell apart, they were so much alike! It was therefore not an easy task to choose one.
Niki loves people, that is to say: her own people. She is very attached to us and likes to lay on top of you. The closer the better. At night she prefers to sleep on top of your face. She is a bit scared of other people. Since Niki was born and raised with us she knows all rituals and knows exactly how we spend the day. In the evening she likes to keep us company and there is nothing better after a hard days work then to take a nap on the couch with a warm cat lying in your neck.
Finally we chose the kitten which always crawled on Ronald's lap. In order not to give away the wrong cat when we handed over the other two ladies to their new owners, we laquered the toenails of one paw red. And that is how Niekje came to stay with us. She is just as strongwilled as her mother and does not like strangers. She watches us closely and is always in our vicinity. She hates to see us leave. It makes her grumpy and she won't show herself. People that take care of her while we're away don't get to see a lot of her. But as soon as we get home she meets us meowing loudly and throws herself on her side to be petted. Which only proves once more that cats do attach themselves to their humans and not just to their house. In the evening when we go to bed Niki is already waiting for us. As soon as we turn over the blankets, she crawles under them and sits there purring contentedly. When Laura comes home from work Niki is waiting for her in front of the window. Niki is a quiet and gentle cat that gets along splendidly with all the other cats. Nube is her bosom buddy and they play a lot together.


Date of birth August 08 2003
Sex Female
Name Niki
Nicknames Niekje, Niek-niek
Peculiarities Wants to lay in your arms after dinner. Crawls under the blankets before you go to bed. Meows angrily when she cannot see you (for example when you're under the shower or when you're behind a closed door). Loves fingers (to nibble them). .