Clovis is a lucky cat. After the demise of Minet, we wanted to have another Siamese-like cat (See: Zorro's page). This took so long however, that we decided to have a look at the local pound.
Little Clovis watching us from a distance.
There we found a young pitch black cat of six months old. At first the care-takers would not let us have him; they warned us it was a wild cat, not used to humans, and he had already been returned once by people who could not handle him. Well, that was a turn-off. But he looked so sweet and after all, we already had three cats... In the end they gave way and we could take the little black cat with us. Because he was so fierce we decided to call him Clovis.
Clovis was a very scared little kitten at first. He did not know what was more frightening: the humans or the other cats that shared the house with him.
Laura tried to calm him once by taking him in her arms. Well, that was a big mistake: he took a chunk out of her thumb and set off like a bat out of hell. As always, patience and good care did it for Clovis: after a couple of weeks he relaxed and actually liked to be stroked.
We really have to watch Clovis's diet, because he loves food and will eat anything he can put his paws on. We do not want him to get too fat, but Clovis is tricky and knows exactly where he can get his chow.


Date of birth May 1, 1998
Sex Male
Name Clovis
Nicknames Pepper, Black Hole, Foodmonster, Kloofje, Candyass
Peculiarities if there's food this cat will be there, he's always scared and shy unless there's food to be had, his purr is the loudest of all (you can him several rooms away), starts to make bleating noises when you clear out the dishwasher, eats when Dingo eats and likes to lay down with Dingo (Together they are our Salt and Pepper shakers).
Clovis Dingo en Tijger liggen op bed.
He is now a lovable cat, with a big appetite, who always comes to sit in the kitchen when dinner is being prepared. Strangely enough, Clovis is very attracted to Dingo. They often sit and sleep together and since they are so much alike, we call them our "pepper and salt-set".
Links is het bakje van Clovis, rechts staat Clovis
Clovis is gek op melk!
Geen enkele kat eet meer uit zijn eigen bakje
Clovis in the top of the tree

The pepper and salt shaker, huddled together.

Often this means he's chasing away the other cats and eating their portion.