Date of birth January 5, 1995
Sex Male
Name Tiger
Nicknames Tijgtijg, Tijgje, Big Pal, Tigerman, Candytijg
Peculiarities cannot do without Ronald and follows him around, incredible glutton, likes to drink straight from the tap, likes to "breakdance"with Ronald, gnaws on plastic bags and punches holes in juice cartons, likes to be carried on his back and sleeps on his back, can nuzzle up so forcefully against the back of your knees that you keel over.
When Minet died in August 1999, Tiger was heartbroken and refused to eat for a couple of days. He kept searching for his brother. Minet had always been "the boss" and Tiger was at a loss without him. Fortunately, he got over it after a while and took over leadership.
Tiger is a people lover, but he is especially fond of Ronald.When Ronald is at home, Tiger sits close to him and nibbles his ear. He always checks out Ronald's whereabouts and isn't content until he can lay upside down on Ronald's lap, purring loudly. 
Tiger and his pal.
Tiger and his buddy.
Tiger is the horde-leader and decides what is acceptable and what is not. He checks out every newcomer.
Tiger welcomes Farah to our home.
 He is very friendly though and we have never seen him act aggressively towards new cats, especially not kittens. A true cat-manager!
Tiger on the laptop suitcase.
Even though Tiger is of age, he is very playful and loves to chase around a toy mouse. He is also very fond of tinfoil; try to unwrap a candy bar and you will know what I mean. He does not care about the candy, but the wrapper is another thing altogether....
Tiger welcomes Farah
Tiger in the relax position.
Tiger when he is relaxed.
Tiger and Zorro welcomes Donna to our home.

Tiger and Zorro welcomes Donna

Thawing meat in the microwave is a treat, since you get to lick the fingers afterwards.
Tiger loves computers, just like his boss. And those laptop bags are exactly cat-sized.

As mentioned on the introduction page, Tiger is our oldest cat.
He and his brother Minet came to live with us in the spring of 1995. Laura had brought them home as a present for Ronald, who was working abroad at that time. They were meant to be a surprise, but the first time Ronald called home, the noise in the background (loud mewing and crashing sounds) gave the kits away. Tiger and Minet were very attached to each other. 

Tiger and his girlfriend