After Zorro and Donna Luna was our third Thai.
Luna is a chocolate point Traditional Siamese and comes from the same cattery as Zorro and Donna. She has the same mother as Zorro; the seal point Feline of La Sorpresa Peluda. Her father is a chocolate point named Carino La Sorpresa Peluda.
The other cats accepted her within days and especially Zorro is very fond of her.
Donna looks upon her as a future rival and -as the perfect Prima Donna she is- she is polite but reserved.
Luna behaves as every kitten should: she is fast, funny and playful. Unfortunately for Donna she is fond of the same "toy" Donna loves so much: a bit of white string.
It was one of the first things she discovered here and it has become her inseparable playmate. She drags it everywhere. Sort of a teddy bear for kittens. Donna was horrified to see her beloved piece of string defiled by this intruder and she looked at us as if she wanted to say: "Whatever will you think of next to ruin my life? What is this world coming to if complete strangers can run of with my toy?" To make up for it we gave Donna a new piece of string, but she turned her back on it. It was not the same string.
Luna does not care about Donna's moping one bit. She hangs upside down in the sisal cat pole, she catapults herself from the stairs and at the night she snuggles purring against us.

She is a sweet little lady and we are sure she will produce beautiful kittens. We have already selected a beautiful tomcat for her and if all goes well she may have her first kittens in the spring of 2003..
A boy and a Girl
Room for one more?
Smilling Luna
Little Luna and Ronald
Luna loves to play
Luna falling to sleep under a  cushuon
What's cooking doc
Luna with her new toy
A nice sunday afternoon
Donna and her toy
Carino La Sorpresa Peluda
Now that Luna is a bit older she develops her own little quirks. Sometimes we feel she has a kangaroo in her ancestors; she can jump a mile high. We only have to dangle a piece of thread in front of her and she will junp at it on all fours. Incredible the jumps a little creature like that can make!
It is remarkable that she and Donna get along better with the arrival of Donna's second litter. At first they were archrivals, now they tolerate each other. A couple of days ago we nearly swooned when we saw Luna crawl into Donna's kitten-box….and Donna did not mind!
Donna did not even look up. Maybe she finally looks upon Luna as an ally instead of an enemy?
Carino, the proud father.
Luna, when she was a kitten
Luna and her play buddy. Also a good sleeping buddy.
She is a sweet little lady and we are sure she will produce beautiful kittens. Until now she refuses to get in heat however. But we have a new secret weapon and his name is Bastian. We hope he can change her mind so that we can expect a litter from her in the near future.


Date of birth August 19, 2001
Sex Female
Name Luna La Sorpresa Peluda
Nicknames Loempia, Loentje, Lunapop, schreeuwmees, Little Mees, Construction Worker (when she is digging endlessly)
Peculiarities jumps skyhigh, throws herself on her back when she wants to be tickled, keeps meowing at a closed door until it opens.