Cats create a lot of rubbish, so one has to sweep the floors a lot in our house. Elvis has turned this cleaning necessity into a game. As soon as you get the brush and dustpan and start sweeping he will sit in the dustpan and bat at the brush. Sometimes the dustpan will lift which only enhances the game. Only when you empty the dustpan (with him in it) he is not amused.
Elvis is a son of Donna and Carino. You can clearly see he looks a lot like his mother. We already kept a female from one of Donna's litters (Niki) but it was our intention to keep a tabby as well. Therefore we were very lucky to find one tabby amongst the seal points of Donna's last litter and Elvis was destined to remain with us from the start.
When the beds are being made Elvis has to be there of course. All those flapping bedsheets are mightiliy interesting, but one wonders what it is good for?
Plants? Those are meant of course to dig out. It is a mystery why you get sprayed wet every time when you're digging along. Black sand is marvellous to hook your white paws into.
This is Ronald with the complete litter of 2004 on his lap. Kelly, Spike and Elvis loved to computer together with Ronald. The three of them fit the woollen basket on his lap exactly.
Elvis and his big sister Niki together on the cooker hood. Which will probably break off some time or other with all that catweight sitting on it, especially once Elvis is fully grown. This behaviour also shows that Niki and Elvis are truly kittens of Donna, because she is the only other cat which likes to sit on the cooker hood. Obviously she has passed this on tho her kids.
Three generations of Bentrovati: Donna, Niki (litter 2003) and Elvis (litter 2004), peacefully together. Being the smallest has its advantages: you get the best spot on the chair for example....
A new scratch pole! With a swing thingy in it. It's an excellent spot to lay down in and you get to see your territory.
It was also clear from the beginning he would be called Elvis: Ronald -a true Elvis-fan- thought is would be fun to be able to say : "Elvis has left the building!" when the cat went outside in the garden.
Elvis lives up to his name because he has a strong voice. Especially when he sees something he likes -and doesn't get- he makes himself well known. He is a real troublemaker and hunts all the other cats. He never tires, which irritates the other cats greatly. Elvis is terribly curious and has to stick his nose into everything. Apart from that he is a sweet and affectionate little guy that loves to be stroked and to sit on your lap. Understandably we are very proud of him.
On the left Elvis, on the right his mother Donna
Elvis - Summer 2005


Date of birth April 27 2004
Sex Male
Name Elvis
Nicknames Elfje twaalfje, Ellevi, Ellevis, Elfman
Peculiarities When his supper is being made he sits quite close to you and pushes his head against your leg. After dinner he wants to be carried (just like his mother Donna ). He likes to sit on your lap and when we have visitors he strolls from lap to lap.