Dingo came to live with us shortly after we moved from Zeewolde to Ede.
At that time we had three cats: TIger, Minet and Simba. This was an unsatisfactory number however, since Tiger and Minet were always playing together and poor old Simba was left sitting alone. We felt that Simba needed a buddy.
Wouldn't it be nice if we took on a fourth cat to even the numbers? At our new home we had a lot more room with a spacious garden, so an extra cat would present no problem. As chance would have it, we got in touch with a young couple whose cat had just had a litter of six and they wanted to get rid of the kittens. We could pick out the one we liked.
Dingo eating

Dingo did not have any table manners and had never heard of "washing after dinner". The other cats were shocked. The first time Dingo jumped right into his meal, Tiger and Minet looked on disapprovingly. After each meal, Dingo looked a mess. Minet took it upon him to teach this little critter some manners. He licked him clean after dinner and taught him how cats washed themselves.
Dingo soon discovered that this big tabby was someone to take notice of and started to imitate him. They became inseparable. That was in September 1995.

Now Dingo has grown into a beautiful  black-and-white cat. He is still a "loner" and does not want to be around you for very long. He usually comes in to get some food and then he's off again. He does not like to be locked in and waits for us to come home, because he knows that is the moment he will be let loose.
Above you see Dingo under a garden chair.
On the right you see Dingo lying on the cupboard
Dingo likes to climb in to the cupboard
Van Links naar rechts: Tijger, Minet, Simba en Dingo.
Dingo and Simba
Tiger, Minet, Simba and Dingo
Since we like lively cats, Laura picked out the "chief" of the litter, an insolent little brat that bit and spew and had no manners whatsoever. We called it "Dingo" and it was true to it's name.
Dingo onder de tuinstoel.
Dingo slaapt graag op de kast.
Dingo on the cupboard.


Date of birth July 15 1995
Sex Male
Name Dingo
Nicknames Dinkytoy, Dinkiedink, Cowcat, Salt shaker
Peculiarities likes to sleep on the top board of the wardrobe at night, swishes with his tail when he's excited, swats at everything he thinks smells, crawls into kitchen cupboards.