Nautilus is a real dear and gets along splendidly with Carino. They live together on the top floor. When you get in, Nautilus will jump immediately on your shoulder and lets himself be "walked around".

Nautilus and his little sister Nube come from Italy and were collected by us in Milan in October of 2003. During a previous visit in May of that same year we had already seen their father and mother and we were very impressed by their beautiful round faces and their sweet and gentle dispositions. We were therefore very pleased when a male and a female were made available to us in the fall of that year. During the long voyage home Nautilus and Nube behaved exemplary. Each time we took a break the kittens would relieve themselves in the cat's box, that was placed in the trunk of the car.
When we got home, they made friends with Niki, who was about their age at that time. The weekend before, Niki's sisters had been transferred to their new owners so Niki was extatic when she found two new playmates of her own age. The three kittens played elatedly with each other and they are absolutely smitten with each other.
Just like Carino he loves to be petted. He also likes to play with Elvis and together they storm over the entire length of the room. A feather on a string is also a great toy for Naut. He can jump sky high and Elvis will look on longingly.


Date of birth Augustus 02, 2003
Sex Male
Name Nautilus Dei Navigli
Nicknames Nauti, Nautje, Nautebout
Peculiarities Will sit on your shoulder constantly and will nuzzle your face.