Yordi is our pride and joy. He is a second generation Bentrovati, a son of our Niki and Nautilus and a grandson to Carino and Donna.
He has something of each cat: the beautiful round face of Naut, the naughty behaviour of Niki, the fur and build of Carino and he can pull a rope just as fanatically as Donna.

Yordi is a real darling. Not only is he kind to us but he gets along well with all the other cats and that is really something! If they try to lash out at him, he quickly gives them a cheek rub and mosts cats will be so bewildered that they forget that they wanted to kick his butt in the first place. It usually ends with the cat starting to lick him patiently and Yordi holding his head down approvingly so that they can reach all the nice spots.

Especially Luna has adopted him completely. When Yordi was still a kitten she would steal him away from his real mother, Niki. You can say that Yordi was raised with a flock of mothers: Niki, Nube, Donna, Luna… he is loved by all of them. As a true spoilt brat, you can tell that he considers that to be only natural!

Luna and Yordi (as a kitten)

Yordi loves people as well. His favourite spot is in your neck where he will purr away in your ear. When he’s with Ronald, he will lick Ronald’s beard with a vengeance and he will keep that up for at least an hour so that in the end Ronald’s cheek will be rubbed raw by Yordi’s raspy little pink tongue.

Yordi loves snacks, just like mommy Niki and uncle Elvis. When he hears a crunching sound he comes to check it out immediately, because, you never know, it just could be a bag of chips! He will eat anything and tries out everything. If it’s on the kitchen counter, it must be edible, so he will chew on it experimentally a couple of times.

Yordi is a smart chappie and listens very well to his name. When you call him, he comes running, meowing loudly. He loves all and everything and wants to be petted by everyone. People that get to meet him are always immediately smitten with him.

Because Yordi has such a cute bear face he soon got nicknamed “Yorbeer”. In danish a Jordbeer is a “Strawberry”. Well, he isn’t red and he most certainly does not have a little green hat, but people wondering why on earth we sometimes call him Strawberry now know where it derives from.

Yor can be very lively and sometimes it will drive the other cats absolutely barmy. When he sets out to pester another cat, he will keep chasing them until the other cat is fed up with it and gives him a whack. At which moment Yordi will immediately use his cheek rubbing tactics of course.


Date of birth November 13 2004
Sex Male
Name Yordi
Nicknames Yorbeer, Snorky, the silly kid, Yorbeer
Peculiarities Gives cheek rub to every cat. Loves , like Elvis, butter.